Review │ The First Last Kiss

The First Last Kiss_AH

Title: The First Last Kiss
Author: Ali Harris
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Release Date: January 17, 2013
Series Details: Standalone
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 496

Blurb from Goodreads:

How do you hold on to a love that is slowly slipping away from you?

Can you let go of the past when you know what is in the future?

And how do you cope when you know that every kiss is a countdown to goodbye?

This is the story of a love affair, of Ryan and Molly and how they fell in love and were torn apart. The first time Molly kissed Ryan, she knew they’d be together forever. Six years and thousands of kisses later she’s married to the man she loves. But today, when Ryan kisses her, Molly realises how many of them she wasted because the future holds something which neither of them could have ever predicted…

My Thoughts-01
I’ll begin by saying I haven’t cried like this since Me Before You. That said, I may have found my newest favorite romance novelist in Ali Harris.

“Life isn’t about the destination, it’s about appreciating the journey.”

The First Last Kiss will make you smile, cry, and appreciate the simple joys of life. It is a bit of a tearjerker so have a tissue ready. It’s a wonderful, inspiring story that shows love at its brightest. More than just a love story, it presents a lesson for couples and lovers to cherish each kiss and to not let the small things get in between you. Ali Harris painted a very honest picture of a relationship complete with the rainbows and butterflies as well as the bumps and the waves of challenges.

A discarded kiss is a moment of love lost forever.

The story follows Ryan and Molly and their colorful relationship. We watch them fall in love at a young age. We watch them fall apart and then we watch their love melt all their differences and brought them back together. We were a witness to the kisses they shared and even the one’s they’ve wasted. Theirs is the kind of love that so many of us are looking for. But it was not perfect. There were doubts, fights, misunderstandings, and broken promises. It is what a real relationship looks like with its ups and downs. It is what true love looks like with its beauty and imperfections. Ryan and Molly, their families, and their friends, were all so real and honest that it felt like they’re my friends. And I think that’s what made this such an emotional read. They will make you so involved in their journey that your heart smiles and breaks with theirs.

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

At first, I was afraid I wasn’t going to like the main characters very much. Ryan sounds too perfect—a handsome hunk who plays football, very popular with the girls but is a stick-to-one kind of guy, who can charm anyone including Molly’s mom, who loves fiercely and unconditionally. Also, I wasn’t a big fan of the teenage Molly.

But Ryan is actually flawed. And Molly showed so much growth as she aged. While she wants to go and see the rest of the world, Ryan is happy and content living in this small town close to his friends and family. And that’s all right. But I can also understand the disappointment in Molly who had dreams and goals of traveling and becoming a successful photographer even before she fell in love with Ryan.

Sometimes it takes losing someone you love to realize just what you’ve got.

Molly is a very impressive narrator. I find her really relatable despite not having the same life as hers. She really takes the readers with her as she tells us about their story which alternates between past and present. Although the constant jumping from the present to multiple points in the past kind of gets confusing. Every time I start a new chapter it takes me a moment to determine where that chapter fits in the timeline.

The First Last Kiss is a story full of different emotions. It’s funny, romantic, heartbreaking, and it will surely tug on your heartstrings. Hard. It’ll make you savor every kiss. And more than that, it makes you appreciate your other half. I would highly recommend this book to everyone especially those who are looking for an inspiring read.



Four Star Rating

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